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Mixing It Up, Interdivisionally

Unlike at home where siblings might bicker, there’s a convivial, even heuristic, relationship between our younger and older students. 

At Head-Royce, students in our three divisions—Lower, Middle and Upper—have vast opportunities to work and learn together. And they love it. In fact, they’re thinking up ways to collaborate with each other right now. 

Recently, 2nd grade students visited Sausal Creek to learn about watershed conservation as a part of their science curriculum, while earlier this year, Upper School students in AP Environmental Science (APES) conducted field research there. After these events, students met to share their learnings and experiences with each other. 

Skeptics might ask, what could they learn from one another? For starters, empathy, problem solving skills and confidence are big parts of the experience for all. In acting as teachers with their partner, each student steps into an agentive role in their own education. This special space is where empowering behavior blooms; behavior that if cultivated during school can, researchers say, lead to success in later life.

Book Buddies is an initiative developed by Upper School students where younger and older students mix it up. 4th graders and Upper School students select and read a book together over five weeks. These mini book clubs are empowering spaces for both developing and confident readers alike. 

Learn more about other interdivisional opportunities including the Big Build and Looking Forward, Looking Backward programs here. These multi-grade level projects are excellent opportunities involving the head, heart and hand to learn from one another and ultimately bring joy to all.