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March Masterpieces

Ms. Kremer is a painter, videographer, photographer, digital projectionist and stage designer. She is known for projecting video onto abstract paintings—a hybrid art form—in which her work unexpectedly comes to life. 

During her visit to Head-Royce, she guided students through a creative process beginning with music and kinesthetic movement. To connect with their creative spirit, Ms. Kremer first played a Steve Reich drumming performance in Ms. Andrea Donohoe’s music class and encouraged students to match the beat.

Energized by the percussive rhythm, students then applied the beat to their canvas. Using pastels or charcoal, Ms. Kremer urged students to see their canvas as a partner in dialogue, to postpone judgment and allow for the process of discovery to lead to the unexpected. What an artist envisions before beginning a work and what is created after isn’t always the same.  

This lesson, Kremer said, is about “trusting the process and not trying too hard to control it. It's like weaving or like knitting! It builds through its making.” 

Can you feel the energy of the drums in these drawings?